Some Known Incorrect Statements About Where To Get Started As A Freelance Writer

Published Oct 13, 21
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Are you interested in working from home and becoming a freelance writer? I’ve been a freelance writer for over six years now and I get asked a lot about where to find freelance writing jobs. And not just any gigs. Good quality freelance writing gigs. I know when I first started, I was obsessed with landing my first client.

So, you know what I ended up doing? I stalked other freelance writers. I went to their websites, looked at where they were writing, read blog post after blog post, made a ton of mistakes along the way, but eventually found how to attract high-paying clients. But, you don’t have to do that.

But, you know what? First you need to locate businesses to cold pitch to. Maybe you noticed they don’t have a blog – but should. Or, on Twitter you see they are trying to grow their online presence and you think your content can help with that. Once you locate these places, all you have to do is draft up a cold pitch and send it off to the right person! This can be the hardest step and takes the longest but in the end you’ll have a list of businesses and contact information to pitch to.

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Pitch to a Job Board Ad If you’re new to freelance writing and you want to find quality jobs, responding to job ads is your best bet. It’s also the main way many new writers use for finding consistent work. And it’s something I tell my course students to do as it helps you gain confidence as a new freelance writer.

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Sometimes you are asked to give your rate; other times the job ad specifies a starting rate for content. While there are paid job boards you can use, I would suggest you first start using free job boards. I was able to find my first freelance writing job writing 800-word blog posts for $100 on a free job board.

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This means creating business cards that you can quickly give to friends and family. You may also end up finding another writer in your town! I’ve met two freelance writers where I live and meet up with one of them regularly! 5. Use Your Website The best way to attract high-paying clients is to have a professional looking website.

I teach in-depth the precise pages to have on your site and the type of copy that attracts prospects in my course – since I know having a strong writer website is essential to a successful business. 6 - writing from home. Guest Post (For Free!) What? How can writing for free pay off? The quickest answer is that when you And you can bet one of those viewers is a potential client.

8. Start Warm Pitching Hold up! Didn’t I start this post by telling you to cold pitch and now I want you to start warm pitching. What gives? Well, to maximize your chances at landing a quality writing gig, While cold pitching is a direct way to land work, warm pitching, on the other hand, is a more indirect and slower way.

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Say You’re For Hire How easy is this? If you have a social media profile – which you should! – advertise that you’re for hire. It seems obvious but many new freelance writers don’t state whether or not they are for hire. Prospects won’t know if you have time to take on more clients so when you tell them you are for hire, it just makes it easier for them to consider you.

A prospect messaged me on Linked, In and told me another writer had referred me to him. I had no clue who this writer was, so I messaged her back and asked how my name came up in their conversation. She had replied by saying my “for hire” signature had alerted her that I was looking for work! Presto, landed a gig! 10.

Sure, you can go to your business district and let the local dentist or local pet shop owner know that you’re a writer for hire, but this takes a lot of time out of your day. A quick way around this is to . These businesses have a full roster of clients that need web content.

11. Pitch Your Story For many print journalists and writers, when they decide to go online and freelance, they stick to writing for publications and selling their stories. While this can be extremely lucrative (), it’s highly inconsistent and it takes months to get paid. But, it’s still a great option for writers.

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